In our family, hospitality is a tradition that goes back to the 1940s, when our grandmother Orsolina invented a sort of bed and breakfast ahead of its time in Boario, to welcome the many tourists that came to the thermal baths at that time. Today we renew this calling to hospitality, and we do it in a B&B that bears her name, not coincidentally. You will be welcomed into a typical rural house of the Valle Camonica, which we have restored to its original conditions to allow to you to have an unrepeatable experience, without neglecting innovation and comfort. A step back in time in a unique place, characterized by authentic local culture and a warm welcome.

Prezzi & Prenotazioni

All the information to reserve your stay at the B&B Orsolina. Special prices for families and long stays.

Our rooms

B&B Orsolina offers three splendid double rooms, where tradition and the most modern comforts come together in an irresistible union.

Foto Gallery

Breathtaking view of the Villa di Lozio, period photos, shots of the renovation work on the house: to discover why the B&B Orsolina is truly a unique place.

Dove siamo

The B&B Orsolina is located in Villa di Lozio at an altitude of 1,000 meters, where tranquility is king. A place that is truly suited for all seasons, all ages, and all tastes.